Cut Letters from Dibond and Acrylic

Flat Cut Aluminium Composite Letters and Shapes

A great way to create a low cost high impact sign, and are often used throughout the sign industry.

They can provide instant colour and visual presence to any business large or small and can be fitted to existing sign fascia boards or direct to a brick wall, by using locators / spacers which can be bonded to the back of them, alternatively they can be used to complement built up or Illuminated letters as a secondary focal point.

Varying thicknesses and colours are cut on our large CNC router, with other material brands available including, acrylic, Foamex and Dibond….

Aluminium composite leading brands that we often use:

Acrylic Laser Cut Letters, Shapes and Logos

Acrylic sign letters offer a unique feel and look to any internal and external option for signs. These laser cut acrylic letters surpass other acrylic letters and logos.

Acrylic letters are cut from solid color acrylic sheets so the coloUr is through the entire letter assuring no unsightly scratches, chips, or blemishes that can occur on painted finishes. However, painted-on colours are available when you want customised letters for an application.

These highly durable letters are ideal for outdoor use, however, the plastic is attractive enough for indoor use or in any application where precision is required and they can be easily scrutinised.

Our Acrylic letters and logos are available in various thicknesses from 1mm to 25mm.